So you’ve been creating content for a bit and you’ve realized this takes a lot more time than you anticipated.

From setting up for your live stream, photoshoot or video shoot, to managing and figuring out deals for products, to growing beyond your main content to see continued growth across your secondary platforms. This can get incredibly overwhelming. While for some folks this is a full time job, for others, it is a part time job, or even just a hobby, and no one wants to be overwhelmed by something they love to do. So after some research you’ve found talent agencies, talent management, and talent services but you’re still stuck not entirely knowing what these people do and how it can help your business or hobby grow.

So you ask yourself ‘do I need an agent/manager/or service to support my business?’ and while some folks will tell you “yeah just do that it is MUCH easier” you need to think about how much your free time is worth or how much you do not like doing certain parts of content creation or streaming. This leads to a lot of people asking themselves is it time to look for services to support my content creation? 

The answer to put it simply is: it depends. You need to ask yourself, what are you looking for right now? Is it someone to edit videos? Create long-form content or short-form content? Do you need someone to help guide you on creating engaging social media content? Or are you looking for help pricing yourself to companies for sponsorships? Or even just getting in front of companies in a sea of incredible talent in the twitch/youtube/tiktok world? 

Who’s the right person for the what job?

Some of these are a bit more obvious. If you hate editing videos or are not sure how to create engaging content for YouTube, you’ll look for video editors. Some folks utilize video editors to create eye catching and quick TikTok videos, YouTube #Shorts, or Instagram Reels. 

Need some help planning your social media or coming up with good posts? Social media managers can help guide folks on social posts but also create the copy and sometimes do very basic video editing. Some will even manage your DM’s, comments, and replies for you.

In need of higher quality photos than what your cell phone can get or even just trying to get the right angles? You’ll want a photographer, but make sure whatever photos you want taken, they are comfortable taking and know at least a little of the content you are trying to make. Your parent’s friend’s cousin’s partner might not be the right person for the job but there are plenty of people out there who have specialties from cosplay to boudoir and themed shoots.

Need help running behind the scenes like deals? Here is who can help:

There is a lot of confusion with two of these people so let’s settle it now. According to google, a talent agency is an agency that helps you find work (ie. voice acting/employment) and are required to work out of an office according to A talent manager’s focus is on the future of your career and can support via guidance, reviewing analytics, and helping you plan out your content. Some managers and management services also help you find deals by pitching you to various companies.

Sounds cool but there has to be a downside right?

As great as having these folks help, there are things they just can’t do or offer. This industry has no magic algorithm, no magic hashtag, or energy drink to have anyone become a big streamer or content creator.

To start, no one can make your content for you. Sure, they can edit it, wordsmith it, improve it, but you still make it. You still need to be active in your business and how you want things to be created. Otherwise you lose sight of your brand in your content or you end up paying for services you don’t need.

Second, while you can be pitched to companies all day, companies still have to choose you. Companies have to enjoy the content you make, and make sure it aligns with their values as well. Companies know their target audiences and will only pick individuals who align with the consumer they want using/playing their products. Many also may not be comfortable diving into certain types of content. While getting a “no” can really hurt, it is not always you, it sometimes is them but if you are lucky enough to get some feedback as to why- take it.

Third, you do get what you pay for when it comes to editors and not many people are going to work for free. Depending on what you are looking for, you may find it easy to go to a freelancing website to hire some person you have never met to make a thumbnail or edit a quick clip but you may not be happy with the results. You may end up getting ghosted harder than someone on tinder. Or while you found an amazing editor, you have to pay for the experience and quality of one. 

Also, keep in mind that if you want someone to be an expert in your brand by consuming all of your content, you’re probably going to have to pay them for their time. No contract typically requires individuals to watch all of your live streams or videos. 

Finally, no one can promise you growth. Having an agent or manager or video editor can’t guarantee your views, followers, subscribers, or engagement will go up any percent. They can promise to take some of the stress off of you but that is it.


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