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Tyrus Talent Services is the white glove service for all of your content creation needs.

You’ve built this business. From playing your favorite games, reacting to things you care about, to showing off your assets. Balancing your business, a full-time job, editing, and your life can become overwhelming at a certain point. That is how we can help, from managing social media platforms to managing your partnerships and contracts. We can put you and what makes you unique to work for you. Find the exemplary service for you above.

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We offer a a large array of services made by creators for creators. Learn more about our services below.


From strategizing your marketing funnel to finding the perfect SEO, we have an option and opportunity to suit your needs. Learn More


We provide brand outreach, email management, deal representation, campaign management, and bookkeeping.. Learn More


Let us manage your content so that you can focus on creating. Learn More.


Let us manage your content so that you can focus on creating. Learn More.


Who has time to learn SEO, keep up with trends, plan the video description and titles, keywords, tags, and cards? Don’t worry. We already know all about this. Learn More.

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