For Businesses FAQ

For Businesses FAQ2022-10-27T14:36:13-04:00

Interested in our talent?

We have some of the biggest names and up and coming content creators on our roster.

You’re looking to reach specific audiences. You know you want to work with talent who are driven, inspiring, and those who want to make content with your products.

How fast can a campaign get started?2022-07-20T15:00:20-04:00
Why should I use influencers?2022-07-20T15:00:02-04:00
Who should I reach out to for influencers?2022-07-20T15:00:39-04:00
What kind of activations can you do?2022-07-20T14:58:37-04:00
Why should I work with X1 Talent?2022-10-28T15:00:22-04:00

Tyrus provides the best in campaign management service. Our team can take your influencer marketing campaign to the finish line with professionalism, ease, and top rated talent. Our competitive rates make us the premier agency to work with.


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